“Lookin’ Good!”

We are not often taught to look in the mirror and see everything that’s right with the way we look. Our focus goes to what’s wrong and what we would like to change, tapping into our evolutionary bias towards negativity. What does this do to our confidence? To see only what we don’t like rather than all the amazing feats our bodies accomplish every day? It isn’t good.

During my graduate studies at the University of Utah, a professor shared a story about her preschool-age niece. This little girl walked out of her mom’s closet, in the nude except for a pair of adult-size heels and sunglasses, struck a pose in front of the mirror and stated to herself and all present, “Lookin’ good!”

Our assignment that week was to look into the mirror and say, “Lookin’ good,” with all the swagger of a confident four-year-old. Hokey? The results were incredible. We experienced an instant boost – recognition of all that was going right, and an elevation in mood and confidence. We quieted the infinite loop of self-criticism with a bit of self-love.

Here’s my suggestion: Strut your stuff to the mirror, and say out loud, “Lookin’ good!” Say it like you believe it with every ounce of your being, regardless of whether or not you really do. Make it a daily practice. Use it as a rebuttal to the inner critic. Experiment with how a little dose of preschool wisdom can impact your life.

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