Personal Admin

I’m gearing up for (or resigning myself to) a weekend of personal admin. I first heard the term ‘personal admin’ from a friend of mine. Personal admin is all those things that go into running your life – tasks around the house, tracking finances, meal planning, etc. If you’re like me, things fall off the to-do list and pile up like a big overwhelming mountain.

Enter personal admin time. For me, it’s about hitting my avoidance tipping point and deciding I *have* to do something. It’s a realization that I need to set aside some time and get this stuff done ASAP. The weight of it all is too much.

Why does the personal admin day matter? It involves boundaries, discipline, and getting out of overwhelm. Boundaries? Saying no to plans or requests from others for help because you have carved out this time for you to get your life in order. Discipline? It’s non-negotiable. Personal admin time isn’t facebook time, nap time, time for a drink. Getting out of overwhelm? Overwhelm is a state of mind and not a fun place to be. How nice will it be to have your mental and emotional space free of overwhelm? Way more fun.

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