About Me

DSC_5980_ppMy decision to become a therapist started after my first experience with therapy. The work I did with my therapist transformed my life and my relationships. It fills me with gratitude to offer the opportunity for transformation to my clients. For more information on the particulars of my practice and to see if working together will help you reach your goals, please visit my ‘Counseling Specialties‘ page.

I help individuals and couples by exploring the root of their distress and working to relieve those most impactful, urgent symptoms. I am a therapist who is grounded, open and warm.

I received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Utah and Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. My past work includes advocacy and counseling services for individuals and families experiencing domestic violence.


Zeus’s first trip to Moab.

I love the outdoors and spending time in nature. My two copilots in life are my partner and our dog Zeus. I love finding balance through time in the desert, enjoying Park City’s miles and miles of trails, and cozying up with my loved ones.



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