Dating & Relationships

One of the most frustrating and lonely feelings is to want be in a loving, healthy relationship and not being able to find one. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in the same relationship again and again, and can’t seem to break the cycle. Maybe you’ve been single so long that you wonder if you’ll ever find love. Or maybe you have no trouble finding partners, but something inside tells you you’re not good enough, or aren’t deserving of love, or that you don’t matter.

I understand the desperation, deflation and longing that comes from knowing that you want something different, yet finding yourself stuck and seemingly powerless to make any changes. I am here to help you unlock your ability to create the love you so crave and deserve. We will gain a powerful understanding of what you look for in relationships, work to heal old wounds from past relationships or childhood, and create lasting changes for a brighter future.

I believe finding the love you want comes from first creating it within yourself. By reworking the relationship you have with yourself, you naturally start to attract partners who are aligned with your values, hopes and dreams. Everyone else won’t register on your radar once you know you deserve, and have access to, exactly what you want. We look at limiting beliefs that close you off from what you seek, and find ways to increase your confidence, dating skills, and relationship know-how.


Additionally, check out my interview (click here for the link) with Stephanie Dankelsonon her podcast Move with Radiance, where we talk about all things relationships and where you can get a feel for the pieces of this relationship puzzle.