Maternal Mental Health

You might be wondering – is what I’m going through postpartum depression? You knew motherhood would be hard, but this is beyond any expectation. Overwhelmed, worried all the time, angry, having thoughts that scare you, irritable, disconnected, and feeling so far from the person you know yourself to be. Many women and their partners have come into my office wondering if they will ever feel like themselves again, if this consuming fog will ever go away, and if anyone can really understand or help them.

I understand the urgent need for relief. When a new mom comes into my office, she may have tried everything they can think of, may think she’s going crazy, may be fearful of how she’s feeling and may worry about telling anyone how bad things have become. I know that she needs to start feeling better now – not next week or next month.

My focus is in understanding your unique situation, needs, and strengths. I match what I know from my training and from assisting many pregnant and postpartum in their healing journeys, to give you the tools you need to find relief. We find solutions that will work for you, and that have proven helpful to the many women who have come before you.

More women experience depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum than you think. At least 1 in 7 expecting and new moms will experience just that. Whether this is your first child or your fifth, you were planning on this pregnancy or not, if you tried for years and this is your miracle baby, or if your baby came to you through adoption, you are not alone and you are not to blame for going through this. Help is here and the sooner you start taking steps towards healing, the sooner you will feel like yourself again.

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