Sex Therapy

You feel ready to face this issue. The anxiety and fear of opening up about what’s going on, or what you’ve been through, has been overtaken by the need and desire for relief. You might have the words for what you’re going through, but it’s just as likely that you don’t. All you know is that you’re ready to deal with this so you can put this problem away once and for all.

Wherever you are in your journey to sexual wellness, I will meet you in that place. Maybe that means you want answers to some pressing questions, or your body doesn’t respond the way you think it should and you need information and support, or you’ve experienced abuse or trauma and want to find ways to heal the pain and regain those pieces of you you’ve lost. I am here for you.

We go at a pace that makes you feel safe, understood and that you are making progress. My approach is tailored to your unique life experience, strengths and goals. I work within a wide network of sexual health providers (at your request and with your permission only) so that I can ensure every aspect of your concern is met.

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